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Re: Nama - merging an upstream version with git

-=| Joel Roth, Sun, Aug 07, 2011 at 10:33:49PM -1000 |=-
> After watching Damyan's termcast/IRC presentation this
> morning, I thought I'd try to merge an upstream version 
> of Nama.
> I followed the Debian Perl Git Guide[1].
> To be able to use ssh, I ended up just wiping out
> my ~/.ssh/known_hosts file. (Couldn't figure out
> how to replace outdated keys.)

ssh adds new keys on demand. not sure how to get rid of stale old 
keys, though :/

> The steps I used were:
> gbp-clone --all --pristine-tar ssh://git.debian.org/git/pkg-perl/packages/nama.git
> uscan
> git fetch origin upstream:upstream pristine-tar:pristine-tar
> git-import-orig --pristine-tar ../nama_1.076.orig.tar.gz
> I resolved the merge conflicts and committed (git commit)

Strange. If everything is alright, there should be no conflicts during 
the merge. From what I see, this time this was caused by a missing 
merge of the 1.073 upstream release (in April).

1.076 is merged (seemingly) OK, so there should be no conflicts.

I thought I have adapted the git-missing-upstream to check for the 
missing merges, but it has a bug in the check. Thanks! :)

> Once again, I'm finding that I'm getting weird results
> due to quilt patches being left in an applied state
> after building.

I have those un-applied as a part of my package building procedure 
(e.g. script). The next dpkg release will also un-apply them after 

> Also, I have some confusing stuff in an auto-created
> patch debian-changes-1.076.

This happend when there are changes outside of the debian/ directory. 
Just track where do these come from and fix them. In most cases, 
revert (as in git checkout) any changed files outside of debian/

> I'd rather not maintain patches, would prefer
> to make the fixes upstream and release another
> version.

Sounds certainly easier if you happen to be the upstream maintainer :) 
Also makes the fixes available outside Debian.

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