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Re: libmoosex-types-netaddr-ip-perl backport Git bundle

-=| intrigeri, Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 03:45:12PM +0200 |=-
> > To me this sounds like you want to join the group and push the
> > branch yourself :)
> Would be less work for me than preparing Git bundles.

That, and you can also try us as sponsors. Backports is a new 
endeavour, but we should learn it too :)

> > Do you have an account on alioth.debian.org?
> I am intrigeri-guest there.

Welcome aboard!

There are various docs you may want to read at http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/ 
(the git guide in particular; feel free to update it with instructions 
about backports maintenance, it is in website.git repository)

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