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Git migration complete, the little things

It is all working, it seems :)

Congratulations and warm thanks to everybody involved!

Two things remain on the "Problem list" page [0]:

 * git commit messages (should) have a one line summary; I (db) think 
   it is enough if kgb just puts that one line in the channel

   I think the request is reasonable. Short description for IRC, long 
   one in the Git log for those interested.
   For this to happen, though, we must follow a policy of "single 
   change per commit". There are tools to help with that: "git add -p" 
   for the console-addicts and "git gui" for the graphics-enabled.
   It takes some effort to get used to it, but then it becomes 

   The kgb client may still use the full commit message if the second 
   line is not empty so that old-habit commits' notification is not 
   missing content.

 * add git-dch usage info to git.pod

   I think we should document two approaches here:

   (1) as-before, update changelog with every commit
   (2) leave changelog updates for before pushing, possibly using 
       git-dch for a bit of automation

   It is true that (1) would cause conflicts during cherry-picking, 
   but I think the merge would be trivial to resolve, and let's face 
   it, we don't cherry-pick that often :)

   (2) has its own problems too, namely forgetting the changelog 
       update before the push.
       Leaving the changelog for before the release would complicate 
       things, as the updater would have to use --since 
       debian/$LAST_UPLOAD_VERSION. Surely some automation can help 
       here, but it still leaves the missing changes summary for PET.

If there are any other concerns that need addressing, please add them 
to the dedicated page[0]. If you disagree with something of the above, 
let's discuss it :)

    [0] http://whiteboard.debian.net/pkg-perl-git-woes_8218d1.wb

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