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Re: Moving Digest::SHA to perl-base

On Tue, 09 Aug 2011 00:24:02 +0200, Pino Toscano wrote:

> Hi Perl people,

Hi Hurd guys :)
> The short story is: we, Debian Hurd packagers, would like to see 
> Digest::SHA moved from "perl" to "perl-base".
> We are preparing to upload from debian-ports to Debian main a simple 
> Hurd translator, random-egd, to provide /dev/{,u}random devices. This 
> translator interfaces to a small init.d service written in Perl, a 
> slightly modified version of EGD (egd.pl). egd.pl uses sha1() from 
> Digest::SHA1 (which we changed to Digest::SHA, as Digest::SHA1 is 
> deprecated).
> The problem is that we need random-egd as dependency of the "hurd" 
> package (essential on hurd), so it must be essential too; although, 
> currently it cannot because Digest::SHA is in "perl", which is not an 
> essential package. Our proposal is whether you could move Digest::SHA 
> from "perl" to "perl-base".
> (PS: please CC me in replies, as I'm not subscribed)

CC'ing the perl maintainers (the Perl Group is "only" for packacging
modules, not the interpreter itself).

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