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Re: padre maintenance

Le Wednesday 24 August 2011 23:22:43, Damyan Ivanov a écrit :
> The reason for using experimental is that the new Padre breaks some of 
> the plugins. So the idea was to stage Padre and the plugins 
> (libpadre-plugin-*-perl) in experimental, then upload all to unstable.
> This didn't work as smooth as hoped though, mainly due to absence on 
> my side.
> Another reason is that the idea of using virtual provides for the 
> padre API version didn't work out well. Padre provides several 
> different APIs and a given new release may break only some of them, 
> keeping compatibility with some plugins and breaking it with others.
> A more manageable (but still time consuming) approach may be to use 
> Breaks in new padre releases to flag plugins that need to be upgraded 
> together.

This will require padre packager (mostly you) to test all available plugins 
before releasing...

Another approach is to upload padre to unstable and fix plugins when they are 
broken. This should take less time on your side and get more people actively 
packaging padre plugins.

I grant you that this approach is more brutal, but given the available 
resources to package padre and its plugins, this may be the lesser of evils.

Thoughts ?

All the best

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