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Re: Git migration update


sorry for the late reply, but I've been on holiday for the past couple of
weeks, and lost all the fun it seems.

On Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 03:36:11AM +0300, Damyan Ivanov wrote:
> We are mostly done, with some details hanging, but being worked on.
> The 2000+ Git repositories are in place and the mr setup is updated.

Yay! Kudos to all the people involved in the migration.

> Please report (or even better, fix) problems in the documentation as 
> you encounter them.

I do have a couple of notes that I think are worth discussing.

* commit policy

> Some prefer to update debian/changelog with each commit, others leave 
> this to the git-dch(1) tool at package release time.

Having worked with git for some time, I find that the first option 
(updating d/changelog at each commit) makes way harder to cherry pick, 
revert, bisect, and backport changes. Given that subversion misses many of 
the features that git has, this was not a problem in the svn days, but now
I think it would ease the maintainance of the packages if everyone goes for
option 2 and use git-dch(1) before releasing.

For the same reasons I think it should be preferred and made clear in the
docs the "one change per commit" policy.

* hooks for mailing list

I don't know if this is on anyone's todo list but it seems that the git
repositories currently lack all the needed configuration to automatically
post all the commits, tags and similar to the pkg-perl-commits mailing list.

Having a closer look at one of the repositories it seems that the code is
there but it has been disabled (or never enabled). Is there any reason to 
not enable it, now that the migration is complete?

Of course, any thought is welcome.


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