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Reprogramación de pagos, protección del patrimonio y cierre de negocios. publicidad na soj Evy Baby'den Babalar Gününe Özel Hediyeler Kazanma Şansı Kahve Dünyası'nda 2 adet dilediğin kup veya yoğurtlu dondurma %50 indirimle 7,5 TL! Hü'da bu hafta neler var? Oilatum simdi Türkiye'de ve sadece eczanelerde... Saray Halı'da fırsatlar seni bekliyor! Re: ant and environment variables apparently broken with gcj ant and environment variables apparently broken with gcj (was: ant and environment variables broken on kFreeBSD?) ant and environment variables broken on kFreeBSD? Re: Bug#629622: ITP: jenkins-htmlunit-core-js -- Jenkins branch of the HtmlUnit Core JS Interpreter Bug#631140: default-jdk: Openjdk should be favorite over gcj under mips Evrika - Invitatie curs contabilitate gcj* packages broken for some time for the multiarch changes An invitation to become part of our team. ITS: azureus (updated package) ITS: jakarta-taglibs-standard 1.1.2-1 ITS: jcaptcha (NEW) ITS: libjemmy2-java ITS: libmiglayout-java (updated package) ITS: libspring-ldap-java (update) ITS: localizer ITS: metainf-services ITS: omegat (updated package) ITS: robust-http-client (NEW) ITS: sezpoz ITS: swt-gtk 3.7-1 ITS: txw2 Jigsaw - Report 2 Lintian Override for OSGi classpath in Freeplane? Maintaining zookeeper in Debian missing-classpath lintian warnings and Maven based packages. Fwd: OpenJDK7 on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Padari pats sevi par pludmales iekārojamāko personu , labi? Policy question: Private Libraries and Maven Artefacts preferred location for jars vs. symlinks Re: Putting Netbeans on Hold Request for review: jtharness Request for review: jtreg Re: RFS: abcl, new upstream release 0.25.0 RFS: akuma (NEW) RFS: args4j RFS: azureus (updated package) RFS: cdk 1.2.10-1 RFS: excalibur-logkit 2.0-5 RFS: freeplane (updated package) RFS: guava-libraries RFS: jakarta-taglibs-standard 1.1.2-1 RFS: jcaptcha (NEW) RFS: libjna-java (updated package) RFS: libmiglayout-java (updated package) RFS: libpam4j (NEW) RFS: libspring-ldap-java (update) RFS: localizer RFS: maven-antrun-extended-plugin Re: RFS: maven-antrun-extended-plugin - ITS RFS: metainf-services RFS: omegat (updated package) RFS: robust-http-client (NEW) RFS: sezpoz RFS: swt-gtk 3.7-1 RFS: tiger-types RFS: txw2 The last update was on 23:40 GMT Thu Jun 30. There are 146 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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