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Re: Lintian Override for OSGi classpath in Freeplane?

On 04/06/11 14:54, Niels Thykier wrote:
On 2011-06-04 14:43, Eric Lavarde wrote:
But once I've patched away the class-path entry, it complains about a
missing class-path, and no jar file in Freeplane has actually a

Not the entire classpath, only the "../" entry of it.
I meant actually the following error:
W: freeplane: missing-classpath libcommons-lang-java, libjgoodies-forms-java, libbatik-java, libxerces2-java, libxml-commons-external-java, libjaxp1.3-java, libjlatexmath-java, libknopflerfish-osgi-framework-java, libjortho-freeplane-java

But I now realize that it doesn't complain about a specific jar file, but that NONE does refer to those libraries...

I cannot see any further issues in freeplane currently, so I am inclined
to keep status quo for now and patch Lintian as needed.
I'll add an override in the mean time.

Actually could you test it with Lintian from the current git master?
Note that the new Lintian will only output the "wrong" parts of a
class-path entry, so the output will differ here.
If it's simple and you tell me how :-)


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