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Re: Lintian Override for OSGi classpath in Freeplane?

On 04/06/11 14:07, Niels Thykier wrote:
A strange thing is that Lintian does only complain about
freeplaneeditor.jar and not about the other jar files!?

It complains about the "../" part in freeplaneeditor.jar, which would be
a relative path to a directory, which seems to be a genuine issue.
But once I've patched away the class-path entry, it complains about a missing class-path, and no jar file in Freeplane has actually a class-path!?

I cannot see any further issues in freeplane currently, so I am inclined
to keep status quo for now and patch Lintian as needed.
I'll add an override in the mean time.

   Particularly I hope we have more OSGi experience and can make better
decisions for these cases at that time.
Fine with me.


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