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Re: Putting Netbeans on Hold

On Sun, 26 Jun 2011 22:05:08 +0100, Andrew Ross <andrew@rossfamily.co.uk>
> Hi Damien,

Hi Andy,

> Yes, I found my mistake in orig-tar.sh when I started looking at
> re-packing the NetBeans ide zip file. I actually already included a note
> about those nbm files in debian/README.source, although I think you're
> right that it would be better to remove them.
> Since the platform source is included in the IDE source, can you think
> of any reason not to just build the platform binary packages from the
> main IDE source zip at the same time as building the rest of the IDE? It
> would mean we'd only have one source package to maintain.

Ha! I didn't know that linbplaform-java source code is included in netbean
source package!
If we can build the same binary packages from netbean source that would be
a nice simplification.
It would be nice if you can still generate libnb-org-openide-* packages
from netbeans source as I know that
many packages (or prospective packages) would use this library.

Damien - Debian Developper

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