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Policy question: Private Libraries and Maven Artefacts

Hi Team

I have a question about how I should package some of the dependencies
for Jenkins.  

Basically the Jenkins project manages a number of small utility
libraries as separate projects; these are jenkins specific (i.e.
unlikely to find use outside of the jenkins project itself).

I want to align to upstream by managing these are separate Java library
packages; however this does not appear to fit into the Debian Java
Policy for either Java applications or Libraries exactly.

This is my proposed approach:

        Package Name:  libjenkins-XXX-java
                where XXX is the name of the library
        Artefacts will be published to /usr/share/maven-repo; Jenkins
        requires this in order to build successfully.
        JAR files will also be published to /usr/share/jenkins/java;
        these will be used by Jenkins at runtime but will not be shared
        with other applications as they are not published
        to /usr/share/java.
This approach combines aspects of the Java application and library
sections of the policy - and as such it does generate some lintian
warnings about JAR's not being installed to /usr/share/java.

I wondered whether anyone has come across similar issues and how they
resolved them; and if not whether the above approach looks reasonable.

Comments and guidance much appreciated.



James Page
Software Engineer, Ubuntu Server Team

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