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Re: RFS: excalibur-logkit 2.0-5

On 6/4/11, Vincent Fourmond <fourmond@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 7:31 PM, tony mancill <tmancill@debian.org> wrote:
>> Hi Onkar,
>> I'll sponsor the upload, but 1 small thing with this update.
>> The new package ships 2 separate JAR files in usr/share/java/ instead of
>> the JAR and a symlink:
>>        excalibur-logkit-2.0.jar
>>        excalibur-logkit.jar
>> Could you take a look at this?
>   This is a problem in javahelper, see bug #626329. Once this is
> fixed, a simple rebuild should do the trick. I unfortunately suspect
> many packages are affected by this problem.
>   I'll write a lintian tag to detect that.

I initially thought this was some weird conflict between dh_install
and jh_installlibs. So I have updated the package to use only
javahelper scripts. The updated packaging bits are committed in svn.

The bug that Vincent mentioned seems to be fixed in javatools git
repository. Perhaps javatools package should be uploaded first.

On a side note the cdk package is also affected by this bug.

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