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Re: ITS: swt-gtk 3.7-1

On 27/06/11 08:55, أحمد المحمودي wrote:
> On the mention of transition, do you know why didn't swt-gtk 3.6 manage 
> to get into testing, although all packages depending on it did migrate 
> to 3.6 ? Note: currently you'll find a "serious" bug against swt-gtk, 
> but that was just filed 9 days ago (swt-gtk & all dependencies were 
> transitioned a month ago)

Hi Ahmed,

The transition didn't occur because of a "serious" bug filed against
Azureus. I just fixed that on Saturday and Tony uploaded it yesterday,
so it'll be a few days before migration could take place. I believe it
may require the release team to add a hint to encourage all the
dependencies to be updated at the same time.

I'd certainly support removing at least the minor version from the
package names. Another option would be to keep the major version, so
have libswt-gtk-3-java etc, since if/when there's a version 4 I'd guess
the API will be more broken.


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