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RFS: cdk 1.2.10-1


I am looking for sponsorship for cdk 1.2.10-1. This release fixes a
buunch of bugs and lintian errors/warnings. Since this is a new
upstream release I have uploaded source package to mentors.debian.net.
Also all the packaging bits are updated in pkg-java svn.

Since this release fixes an RC bug (only affecting sid, wheezy), if
you think that urgency should be bumped in debian/changelog please
feel free to do it. I didn't do it myself because I couldn't find any
definite guideline for this.

Latest changelog for reference.
cdk (1:1.2.10-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release. (Closes: #627582, #627712)
  * debian/control
    - Drop bunch of not used build dependencies - libcommons-cli-java,
      libcrimson-java, libmysql-java, libpgjava, xsltproc.
    - Add javahelper as build dependency to use jh_classpath and jh_depends
  * debian/rules
    - Include javahelper.mk
    - Remove ant-nodeps, vecmath, log4j-1.2, commons-cli from build classpath.
      Build classpath is managed by upstream build system.
    - Remove modules which do not contain any class files when built - inchi,
      pdbcml, qsarxml.
    - Add logic to generate debian/classpath file. This file is used by
      jh_classpath to update classpath in manifest files. (Closes: #627683)
  * debian/patches/
    - 21_vecmath_lib_name.patch - Remove. Not needed anymore.
    - 22_fix_build.patch - Update as per current upstream source.

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