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preferred location for jars vs. symlinks

I've noticed that some of the more recent CDBS packages are installing jars
under /usr/share/maven-repo/$class-hierarchy/$upstream-version/$library.jar, and
then symlinks in /usr/share/java/ over to ../maven-repo/...

By contrast, javahelper packages will install the jar under /usr/share/java/,
which is what I think was intended in section 2.3 of Java Policy [0].

Is this an area where we should clarify the policy?  It seems like the actual
jars should consistently be in one location or another, although maybe there's a
good reason to do it the other way around when we're dealing with the maven
repo.  Thoughts?


[0] http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/java-policy/x104.html

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