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Re: Putting Netbeans on Hold

Le mercredi 15 juin 2011 11:22:52, Andrew Ross a écrit :
> Hi Damien,

Hi Andrew,

> Just to keep everyone updated, I've been tackling libnb-platform-java
> over the last few days. I've gone with the netbeans version 7 platform,
> which is platform 13, since it seems to make sense to use the latest. As
> noted in the rejection mail, there are files without source, and others
> that can't be built on Debian so I've had to repack the source. I have
> managed to build the windows binaries using mingw, which will mean that
> software built using the netbeans platform on a debian machine can also
> be run on a windows machine. I need to go through and check the
> copyright file, then I think I should have a package ready for review.

Ok, that's great.
Could you pleas push you actual changes into git.debian.org so I can start 
reviewing it ?


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