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Debian Bug Squashing Party (BSP) in Bratislava, Slovakia: 9—10 February 2019 Re: Debian Bug Squashing Party in Montréal, Canada - January 19-20 2019 [MBF] Moving script to runlevel 2 autopkgtest coupled with sbuild different from what is run on buildd? Re: Bits from the DPL (December 2018) Bug#793404: marked as done (massive waste of CPU time in debian/rules by inline commands) Bug#793404: massive waste of CPU time in debian/rules by inline commands Bug#917943: ITP: kuttypy -- Graphic user interface to interact with KuttyPy Bug#918069: ITP: nitrocli -- Command-line interface for Nitrokey devices Bug#918111: ITP: luakit -- A webkit2-based web browser extensible by Lua Bug#918120: ITP: bpftrace -- high-level tracing language for Linux eBPF Bug#918152: ITP: kismon -- GUI client for kismet Bug#918224: ITP: ruby-mini-mime: A lightweight mime type implementation Bug#918448: ITP: jitterdebugger -- Real time response measurement tool Bug#918474: ITP: libmojo-ioloop-readwriteprocess-perl - Execute external programs or internal code blocks as separate process Bug#918513: ITP: soupsieve -- A modern CSS selector implementation for BeautifulSoup Bug#918523: ITP: appimagelauncher -- Helper application for Linux distributions serving as a kind of "entry point" for running and integrating AppImages Bug#918549: ITP: ruby-csv: CSV Reading and Writing Bug#918603: ITP: recap -- Generates reports of various information about the server Bug#918607: ITP: kthresher -- Purge Unused Kernels Bug#918702: ITP: nvtop -- Interactive NVIDIA GPU process monitor Bug#918759: ITP: ruby-feature -- feature toggle library for ruby. Bug#918796: ITP: yorick-full -- full installation of the Yorick interpreter and add-ons Bug#918805: ITP: suricata-update -- tool for updating Suricata rules Bug#918862: ITP: ruby-momentjs-rails -- wraps the Moment.js library in a rails engine for asset pipeline Bug#918886: RFA: docdiff -- Compares two files word by word / char by char Bug#918887: RFA: quickml -- Very-easy-to-use mailing list system Bug#918910: ITP: resvg -- SVG rendering library in Rust Bug#918924: ITP: datalad-container -- DataLad extension for working with containerized environments Bug#918932: ITP: libdivide -- header-only C/C++ library for optimizing integer division Bug#918941: ITP: metrohash -- library with a set of state-of-the-art hash functions for non-cryptographic use cases Bug#918942: ITP: pcg-cpp -- PCG Random Number Generation (C++ Edition) Bug#918961: ITP: httpdirfs -- filesystem client for HTTP directory listings Bug#918992: ITP: evdi -- Extensible Virtual Display Interface driver used by DisplayLink Bug#918995: ITP: fonts-quicksand -- free sans-serif font with round attributes Bug#919003: ITP: grabbit -- get grabby with file trees Bug#919004: ITP: node-rdf-canonize -- implementation of RDF Dataset Normalization Algorithm Bug#919024: ITP: node-jsonld -- JSON-LD processor Bug#919045: general: System frozen when either soft power-off or unplug USB3.0 harddisk after proper umount Bug#919054: ITP: node-n3 -- fast asynchronous streaming RDF for JavaScript Bug#919120: ITP: bst-external -- external plugins for BuildStream toolset Bug#919133: ITP: python-css-parser -- CSS related utilities (parsing, serialisation, etc) for Python Bug#919178: ITP: node-webpack-merge -- merge designed for Webpack Bug#919190: ITP: wnpp -- KeePassXC-Browser extension for the KeePassXC password manager Bug#919226: ITP: hardening-runtime -- Runtime hardening configuration files Bug#919268: ITP: libfsapfs -- APFS access library and utilities Bug#919278: ITP: golang-github-pquerna-ffjson -- faster JSON serialization for Go Bug#919279: ITP: node-terser -- parser/mangler/compressor for ES6+ Bug#919299: ITP: flatpak-xdg-utils -- xdg-open and xdg-email reimplementation for containerized apps Bug#919313: ITP: r-cran-ffield -- Force field simulation for a set of points Bug#919327: ITP: libexadrums -- Software drum module (library) Bug#919328: ITP: exadrums -- Software drum module (graphical user interface) Bug#919329: ITP: r-cran-venndiagram -- Generate High-Resolution Venn and Euler Plots Bug#919367: ITP: omemo-backend-signal -- backend for python-omemo offering compatibility with libsignal Bug#919378: ITP: libtest-bits-perl -- Perl module for for testing binary data Bug#919380: ITP: r-cran-globaloptions -- Generate Functions to Get or Set Global Options Bug#919386: ITP: r-cran-circlize -- Circular Visualization Bug#919400: ITP: libnet-works-perl -- Perl module providing improved APIs for IP addresses and networks Bug#919401: ITP: libmath-int128-perl -- Perl module to anipulate 128 bits integers Bug#919403: ITP: r-cran-rpact -- Confirmatory Adaptive Clinical Trial Design and Analysis Bug#919404: ITP: libdata-ieee754-perl -- Perl module to pack and unpack big-endian IEEE754 floats and doubles Bug#919440: ITP: owlrl -- A simple implementation of the OWL2 RL Profile on top of RDFLib: it expands the graph with all possible triples that RDFS and OWL-RL defines. It can be used together with RDFLib to expand an RDFLib Graph object, or as a stand alone service with its own serialization. Bug#919441: ITP: pyshacl -- A pure Python packages which allows for the validation of RDF graphs against Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL) files. Bug#919464: ITP: libmaxmind-db-common-perl -- collection of common code for the MaxMind DB Perl modules Bug#919465: ITP: r-cran-interp -- GNU R interpolation methods Bug#919466: ITP: libmaxmind-db-reader-perl -- Perl module to read MaxMind DB files and look up IP addresses Bug#919468: ITP: r-cran-rcarb -- GNU R dose rate modelling of carbonate-rich samples Bug#919474: ITP: libxdf -- C++ library for loading XDF files Bug#919480: ITP: libperlx-define-perl -- cute syntax for defining constants Bug#919483: ITP: libmaxmind-db-reader-xs-perl -- fast XS implementation of the MaxMind DB reader Bug#919491: ITP: libgeoip2-perl -- Perl API for MaxMind's GeoIP2 web services and databases Bug#919508: ITP: warewulf -- systems management suite for Linux clusters Bug#919540: ITP: blastem -- The fast and accurate Genesis emulator Bug#919545: ITP: c-graph -- interactive visualization tool for the convolution theorem Bug#919549: ITP: kylin-nm -- Gui Applet tool for display and edit network simply Bug#919570: ITP: python-mypy-extensions -- Experimental type system extensions for mypy typechecker (Python 3) Re: Bug#919587: ITP: imapsync -- Email IMAP tool for syncing, and migrating email mailboxes between two imap servers, one way, and without duplicates. Bug#919624: ITP: daps -- DocBook-based authoring and publishing system Bug#919654: ITP: xygrib -- Grib file reader and Meteorological visualisation Bug#919655: ITP: libtype-tie-perl -- tie a variable to a type constraint Bug#919657: ITP: liblist-objects-withutils-perl -- list objects, kitchen sink included Bug#919673: ITP: libdist-inkt-role-git-perl -- git functions for Dist::Inkt Bug#919678: ITP: akira -- user experience design tool Bug#919681: ITP: sourmash -- tools for comparing DNA sequences with MinHash sketches Bug#919692: ITP: golang-github-leodido-ragel-machinery -- Machineries for development of ragel parsers Bug#919698: ITP: libdata-binary-perl -- module for detection of binary versus text in strings Bug#919702: ITP: libmarkdent-perl -- event-based Markdown parser toolkit Bug#919716: ITP: libgit-sub-perl -- git commands imported as System::Sub subs in the git:: namespace Bug#919718: ITP: igdiscover -- analyse immune repertoire to find new V genes Bug#919719: ITP: python-sqt -- SeQuencing Tools Bug#919726: ITP: lambda-align2 -- Local Aligner for Massive Biological DatA, version 2 Bug#919748: ITP: nvchecker -- new-version checker for software releases Bug#919904: ITP: interimap -- Fast bidirectional synchronization for QRESYNC-capable IMAP servers Bug#919906: ITP: pullimap -- Pull mails from an IMAP mailbox and deliver them via SMTP or LMTP Bug#919908: ITP: libinterimap -- Net::IMAP::InterIMAP library and utils Bug#919927: ITP: leaflet-image -- image export for Leaflet Bug#919931: ITP: leaflet-headless -- Leaflet for Node.js Bug#919935: ITP: golang-github-protonmail-go-autostart -- A Go library to run a command after login Bug#919936: ITP: golang-github-apparentlymart-go-openvpn-mgmt -- [WIP] Go client library for OpenVPN's management protocol Bug#919937: ITP: riseup-vpn -- Minimal, easy to use vpn client Bug#919938: ITP: golang-github-getlantern-context -- Bug#919941: ITP: golang-github-getlantern-golog -- Really basic (dumb really) logging mostly for flashlight Bug#919943: ITP: golang-github-getlantern-systray -- a cross platfrom Go library to place an icon and menu in the notification area Bug#919944: ITP: golang-github-getlantern-context -- Bug#919945: ITP: golang-github-getlantern-hex -- Bug#919946: ITP: golang-github-getlantern-hidden Bug#919947: ITP: golang-github-getlantern-ops Bug#919948: ITP: golang-github-jmshal-go-locale Bug#919984: ITP: r-cran-sys -- Powerful and Reliable Tools for Running System Commands in GNU R Bug#919986: ITP: r-cran-askpass -- safe password entry for GNU R, Git, and SSH Bug#919997: ITP: node-domino -- server-side DOM implementation based on Mozilla's dom.js Bug#920016: ITP: gst-plugins-rtp -- GStreamer libraries for handling RTP/RTCP streams on the network Bug#920036: ITP: libpmemobj-cpp -- C++ bindings to libpmemobj Bug#920040: ITP: waybar -- Highly customizable Wayland bar for Sway and Wlroots based compositors Bug#920145: ITP: libdate-tiny-perl -- date object, with as little code as possible Bug#920155: ITP: libtime-tiny-perl -- time object, with as little code as possible Bug#920157: ITP: libcgi-formbuilder-source-perl-perl -- module to initialize FormBuilder applications from Perl files Bug#920159: ITP: libemail-mime-kit-perl -- module to build complete email messages from templates Bug#920163: ITP: libspreadsheet-writeexcel-simple-perl -- module providing simple creation of single-sheet Excel documents Bug#920178: ITP: libxml-generator-perldata-perl -- module for generating SAX2 events from nested Perl data structures Bug#920199: ITP: ponyprog -- Serial device programmer Bug#920201: ITP: cargo-edit -- add, remove and upgrade Cargo dependencies from the command line Bug#920258: ITP: prometheus-squid-exporter -- Prometheus exporter for Squid proxy servers Bug#920262: ITP: prometheus-postfix-exporter -- Prometheus exporter for Postfix mail servers Bug#920305: ITP: popper.js -- Javascript library to position poppers in web applications Bug#920311: ITP: connman-gtk -- fully-featured GUI for ConnMan with systray support Bug#920350: ITP: pkg-js-autopkgtest -- collection of autopktest scripts for nodejs packages Bug#920362: ITP: morsmall -- OCaml libraries for abstract syntax of shell scripts Bug#920385: ITP: dmarc-cat -- decode the report sent by various email providers following the DMARC spec Bug#920387: ITP: golang-github-proglottis-gpgme -- Go wrapper for the GPGME library Bug#920388: ITP: golang-github-keltia-archive -- Small Go library for handling archives of various types. Bug#920389: ITP: golang-github-intel-tfortools -- template scripting support to go programs Bug#920390: ITP: golang-github-ivpusic-grpool -- Lightweight Goroutine pool Bug#920392: ITP: rusty-tags -- generate tags for source code navigation for a cargo project Bug#920395: ITP: difference -- text diffing tool Bug#920424: ITP: python-flor -- efficient Bloom filter library Bug#920435: ITP: mender-cli -- A general-purpose CLI for the Mender backend Bug#920437: ITP: displaylink -- Proprietary driver for DisplayLink devices Bug#920443: ITP: salmid -- rapid Kmer based Salmonella identifier from sequence data Bug#920449: ITP: gnucap-custom -- gnucap-custom provides a basis for customisation of the GNU circuit analysis package Bug#920516: ITP: libjs-rtcpeerconnection-shim -- RTCPeerConnection API implemented ontop of ORTC Bug#920550: ITP: icecream-sundae -- Commandline Monitor for Icecream (icecc) Bug#920566: ITP: radicale-auth-pam -- PAM authentication plugin for Radicale Bug#920612: ITP: libcatmandu-filestore-perl -- modules to make files persistent within the Catmandu framework Bug#920625: ITP: company-lsp -- Company completion backend for emacs lsp-mode Bug#920684: ITP: JDim - JD fork, simple browser for "2ch-style" web forum sites Bug#920771: ITP: jodd -- Java utility library and set of frameworks Bug#920777: ITP: libxmlb -- XML binary library Bug#920781: ITP: golang-github-ianlancetaylor-demangle -- C++ symbol name demangler written in Go Bug#920782: ITP: golang-github-google-pprof -- pprof is a tool for visualization and analysis of profiling data Bug#920783: ITP: golang-go.opencensus -- A stats collection and distributed tracing framework Bug#920784: ITP: golang-github-google-martian -- Martian is a library for building custom HTTP/S proxies Bug#920785: ITP: golang-github-openzipkin-zipkin-go -- Zipkin tracer library for go Bug#920788: ITP: node-d3-scale-chromatic -- Provides sequential, diverging and categorical color schemes to work with d3 Bug#920802: ITP: caffeine-cache -- High performance caching library Bug#920810: ITP: imediff -- interactive full screen 2/3-way merge tool Bug#920857: ITP: scoary -- pangenome-wide association studies Bug#920896: ITP: python-asttokens -- annotate Python asbtract syntax trees with with code references Bug#920908: ITP: libjs-select2.js -- jQuery based replacement for select boxes Bug#920912: ITP: phat -- header-only library for boundary matrix reductions over Z/2Z Bug#920923: ITP: python-pytest-lazy-fixture -- Use your fixtures in @pytest.mark.parametrize Bug#920956: ITP: fonts-recommended -- set of recommended fonts Bug#920983: ITP: puppet-module-panko -- Puppet module for OpenStack Panko Bug#921033: ITP: ontospy -- query, inspect and visualize RDF/OWL ontologies Re: Conflict over /usr/bin/dune Conflicting lintian warnings when using debian/tests/control.autodep8 or debian/tests/control confused about virtual build-depends libcurl-dev Could somebody look at quic and see if there is some implementation worth packaging ? DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS vs DEB_BUILD_PROFILES: What is right and what is wrong? Debian Bug Squashing Party (BSP) in Berlin, Germany -- 09/10 February 2019 Debian Bug Squashing Party in Austin, TX, USA - Jan 25-27 2019 deduplicating jquery/ epoch for luakit versions Failing autopkgtest for ruby-rails-assets-autosize and perfect-scrollbar Fonts hinting to upstream suggestion Re: fuse -> fuse3 Re: Google Summer of Code 2019 Re: Handling of entropy during boot Help request: Contribute to MariaDB 10.3 in Debian efforts Re: Help to ship a better rsync on Buster introduction of x-www-browser virtual package Is PyPi down ? re: ITP #919508 warewulf, naming ITP: golang-github-karrick-godirwalk -- Fast directory traversal for Golang ITP: golang-gitlab-lupine-go-mimedb -- library package ITP: imapsync -- Email IMAP tool for syncing, and migrating email mailboxes between two imap servers, one way, and without duplicates. ITP: rumur -- model checker for the Murphi language ITP: xoreos-tools -- collection of tools around BioWare's Aurora engine games Json-c library installed into /lib/ instead of /usr/lib/ ... is that relevant anymore? New RC version of libtommath in experimental Nix and non-standard-toplevel-dir Please test FreeRDP v1.1 upload candidates (jessie + stretch) Potentially insecure Perl scripts Processed (with 1 error): reassign bug Re: Proposal: Repository for fast-paced package backports python-socketio x gevent-socketio Q: Debcheck warning "Package declares a build time dependency on debhelper-compat (= 12) which cannot be satisfied on $arch" Q: InRelease file spec - Is "Valid-Until:" line not mandatory? quilt + dpkg + debhelper: Handling upstream files containing spaces Rebuilding the entire Debian archive twice on arm64 hardware for fun and proft Remainings of old versions of packages in UDD / tracker Unicode License Additional Coverage Upload new version to new-queue? Re: wireshark package: randpkt missing Work-needing packages report for Jan 11, 2019 Work-needing packages report for Jan 18, 2019 Work-needing packages report for Jan 25, 2019 Work-needing packages report for Jan 4, 2019 Re: Would be possible to have a ".treeinfo" file added to the installers' page? The last update was on 06:03 GMT Sun Dec 01. There are 386 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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