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Re: quilt + dpkg + debhelper: Handling upstream files containing spaces

HI Dominique,

On  Mi 09 Jan 2019 16:29:06 CET, Dominique Dumont wrote:

On Wednesday, 9 January 2019 15:22:32 CET Mike Gabriel wrote:
Those jquery.* et al. files are in folder paths that contain blanks.
Ouch. It seems that our tool chain components fail completely on
handling them. Or maybe I am doing entirely wrong.

This looks like: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=198507


Gotcha. The dh_link(s) failure is exactly what people discuss in #198507. Gosh, that's an ancient one. Unfortunately, the ?-wild-card workaround won't work with symlinking.

@Niels Thykier: any status update on #198507?

Wonder, if the quilt / dpkg-source issue already has a representation in BTS, too.

Thanks for everyone's feedback so far.

More ideas?


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