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Re: epoch for luakit versions

On 2019-01-14 12:51 +0100, Markus Demleitner wrote:

> Here's the story: Originally (and still reflected on
> http://luakit.org), luakit used a date-based versioning scheme.  In
> that, the last released version was 2017-08-10, which is what's
> currently being packaged.
> Meanwhile (and that's not yet reflected on luakit.org), there are
> releases on Github (https://github.com/luakit/luakit/releases) that
> follow a major.minor scheme, and the upstream maintainer has
> confirmed they want to keep that scheme in the future.  
> As we bring these newer releases into Debian, we would like to
> reflect their version numbers in the Debian version number, too.
> Opinions?

Yep. I think you need to use an epoch in this (classic) case. 

The learning from this is that if using date-based versioning due to
lack an upstream versioning scheme (increasingly common in my
experience), it's smart to use 0~$date so you can look smug and switch
to (newer) versions if/when they adopt them without needed an epoch.

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