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Re: autopkgtest coupled with sbuild different from what is run on buildd?

On Wed, 02 Jan 2019 at 12:53:32 -0800, Joseph Herlant wrote:
> With one of my package (cmph), when I added debci tests, locally
> running autopkgtests using --run-autopkgtests in gbh that uses sbuild

sbuild --run-autopkgtests is a sbuild feature, not a debci or autopkgtest
feature. It does not necessarily match the autopkgtest backend or
configuration used in any other instance of autopkgtest.

> * Is it expected to have build-essential installed on the sbuild
> schroot but not on the deci one?

Yes. The production instance of debci on ci.debian.net uses lxc containers
and does not install build-essential in them unless asked to do so by

(In principle it could also use qemu VMs or schroot containers, but
there's no reason to prefer schroot over lxc when lxc has already been
set up, and there haven't been enough resources so far to run qemu
for tests that declare the isolation-machine restriction: these are
currently skipped. For example, see the test results for nss-mdns or

> My use case is that the package provides some short example programs
> on how to use the library and I'm compiling and running them to check
> that it runs fine.

This is a good test to have, but it should depend on either build-essential
or the individual packages that it needs (gcc or g++, libc-dev, make).


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