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Re: Would be possible to have a ".treeinfo" file added to the installers' page?

On Fri, Dec 07, 2018 at 10:45:31AM +0100, Fabiano Fidêncio wrote:
> Although the subject says it all, let me explain the background of the
> change so you all can get the idea of why it'd help a few projects
> and/or even come up with a better solution than adding a  ".treeinfo"
> file.

I'm not exactly sure what you expect from this.  Maybe it would be
easier if you provide a complete example, including information for at
least one non-mainstream architecture.

> [1]: http://download.opensuse.org/pub/opensuse/distribution/leap/15.0/repo/oss/.treeinfo
> [2]: http://mirror.vutbr.cz/fedora/releases/29/Server/x86_64/os/.treeinfo
> [3]: http://mirror.centos.org/centos-7/7/os/x86_64/.treeinfo

How do you detect those special paths?  Because you already need to know
them somehow.


Hailing frequencies open, Captain.

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