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Re: Fonts hinting to upstream suggestion

Hi Marek,

Quoting Marek Mosiewicz (2019-01-24 09:49:35)
> I have been trying to have good looking fonts in Debian. What I found 
> it seems that Firefox ignores dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config.
> It is not case for Chromium. After playing with native/autohinting 
> configuration it seems that it is difficult to have all apps looking 
> good, because some things can use TrueType fonts which looks good with 
> autohinting and others with native. You can switch gnome fonts 
> depending on your setting, but you do not know if web page uses 
> TrueType or font which looks good with native
> So the idea. Why not detect if it is TrueType font or native font and 
> use appropriate hinting method for given font.

Sounds like your investigations would be quite helpful to others as 
well: Please consider sharing what you've learned, e.g. on the Debian 

I suspect what need detection here is not if fonts are TrueType or not, 
but whether a font provides custom hinting or not.  And I suspect that 
some fonts provide native hinting but of poor quality, so that 
autohinting is still beneficial for those fonts.

In any case, I believe the way forward is to first try collect knowledge 
on the matter (hence my encouragement above to document on our wiki!) 
and then figure out what to do about it when we know better.

...if if it is just me being stupid here, then great: Point me to the 
already well documented overview somewhere, so I can read up :-D

 - Jonas

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