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Re: Bits from the DPL (December 2018)

On Jan 01 2019, Chris Lamb <lamby@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi Nikolaus,
>> >  * Followed-up on progress regarding potential new "Member Benefits"
>> >    [9] and ensured that some previously-promised reports for events
>> >    funded by Debian ended up appearing on Planet [10].
>> >
>> >    I also provided solicited (!) advice to a few other developers on
>> >    conference booths and suitable/alternative conferences they may
>> >    wish to attend instead.
>> Is there something missing here? Attend instead of what, and how does
>> that relate to member benefits?
> I don't believe anything is missing; these are two standalone
> sentences on different topics. ("X conference? Thought about Y
> conference instead?")

Then maybe a missing bullet point for the second paragraph? But even
with that I remain rather confused. What is the conference for which
these developers wanted an alternative, and why?

(I'm just very curious)


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