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Re: [MBF] Moving mountnfs.sh script to runlevel 2

Dmitry Bogatov writes:
> During resolving issue #551555 of bin:initscripts, I discovered that
> solution would be move `mountnfs.sh' initscript into runlevels (2 3 4 5).
> Historically, `mountnfs.sh' was present in runlevel S due the fact, that
> bin:initscripts were responsible to mounting /usr. Nowdays, /usr is
> mounted by initramfs, so many scripts could be moved from runlevel S to
> runlevels (2 3 4 5).
> Issue is that there is number of initscripts in runlevel S, that depends
> on $remove_fs, which means /all/ file systems are mounted, not just /
> and /usr.
> I ask corresponding maintainers (list at bottom of email) to either
>  * move their scripts to runlevel (2 3 4 5) [preferred]
>  * remove dependency on $remote_fs, if all they need is /usr
>  * replace with dependency on `mountall', if they need 
>    one of (/run /dev/shm /tmp)

What will happen on systems where users changed the configuration files
and these changes are not applied automatically?


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