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ITP: golang-gitlab-lupine-go-mimedb -- library package

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Anoop M S <anoopms@disroot.org>

* Package name : golang-gitlab-lupine-go-mimedb
Version : 1.33.0-1
Upstream Author : Nick Thomas <go-mimedb@ur.gs>
* URL : https://gitlab.com/lupine/go-mimedb
* License : MIT
Programming Lang: Go
Description : This Go package uses generators to convert this database
into additions to the stdlib mime package.
Since all the work is done at compile time, the MIME types end up embedded
in the binary,loading them on startup is fast, and you still get sensible
results when /etc/mime.types is unavailable on your platform!
This work is somewhat inspired by mime-ext-go, which lacks the automatic
generation (and so easy update) to be found in this package.

It is a dependency package for gitlab-pages. GitLab Pages daemon used to serve static websites for GitLab users. So inorder to package gitlab-pages I have to package this dependency. I would like to package gitlab-pages and maintain it.

Thank You

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