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Re: autopkgtest coupled with sbuild different from what is run on buildd?

Hi Nicholas,

On Wed, Jan 2, 2019 at 2:11 PM Nicholas D Steeves <nsteeves@gmail.com> wrote:
> Have you tried an LXC autopkgtest instance?  I've noticed that
> sometimes packages whose tests pass 100% of the time with a schroot
> (buildd profile) will fail on debci, and the only way I've been able
> to reproduce the failure is with an LXC autopkgtest.
> I will confess to not knowing why this is the case...but I've had
> success with resolving failing tests in debci by debugging
> LXC+autopkgtest failures.

It indeed solved my issue. Thanks a lot!

I added a note in the sbuild documentation so that other people can
avoid loosing too much time it:
https://wiki.debian.org/sbuild?action=diff&rev2=159&rev1=158 . Feel
free to update it if you have more information.

In sbuild it makes sense that build-essential and fakeroot are always
present (explicitly added in
as they are at the core of sbuild's primary usage and would have to be
reinstalled 99.9% of the time I'm guessing if we did omit them.

I didn't realize that debci was not relying on sbuild like buildd
does. I can see in the logs now that it's using lxc and if I think
about it, it's primary usage is to run tests, not to build packages so
it makes sense that it can do that without build-essential and
fakeroot always installed.
I just thought for some weird reason that debci was running along with
buildd which is not the case! :)

Anyway, thanks again for pointing me to the right direction! :)


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