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re: ITP #919508 warewulf, naming


I recently created BTS #91508 "ITP: warewulf -- systems management suite for Linux clusters" and have a question about package naming.

Upstream uses the name "warewulf3" as its git repository name. However, the software uses warewulf in its paths, such as /var/lib/warewulf. It doesn't seem like this software is designed to coexist with a different version of itself (e.g. warewulf4). That could be changed, but would be more invasive than I would expect while packaging software for Debian.

Thus, it seems to me that the source package name and binary package name prefix should be "warewulf", not "warefulf3".

I appreciate any input on this topic.

Brian T. Smith
System Fabric Works
Senior Technical Staff
GPG Key: 0xB3C2C7B73BA3CD7F

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