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autopkgtest coupled with sbuild different from what is run on buildd?

Hi guys,

With one of my package (cmph), when I added debci tests, locally
running autopkgtests using --run-autopkgtests in gbh that uses sbuild,
I have no problem but when it runs on debci, it seems to miss packages
(gcc at fist, now stdlibs, etc) or my local schroot has too many. I
recreate my schroot but stil can't reproduce the issue locally.

So my question is:
* Is it expected to have build-essential installed on the sbuild
schroot but not on the deci one? (I'm guessing that's my problem but
I'd like to know if that's a known issue)
* do you know of any other dependencies differences that could occur
between running autopkgtests through sbuild and the autopkgtest
running on the debci servers?

My use case is that the package provides some short example programs
on how to use the library and I'm compiling and running them to check
that it runs fine.

Note: I apologize if that's already documented somewhere I didn't find.

Thanks for your help,

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