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Conflicting lintian warnings when using debian/tests/control.autodep8 or debian/tests/control


in several r-cran packages I used debian/tests/control.autodep8
in addition to the definition in d/control

  Testsuite: autopkgtest-pkg-r

since lintian otherwise warns about

  source: unnecessary-testsuite-autopkgtest-field

Now there is a new warning

  source: debian-tests-control-autodep8-is-obsolete debian/tests/control.autodep8

which recommends not to use debian/tests/control.autodep8 any
more.  With these two warnings I do not see a chance to deliver
a lintian warning free package which does two kind of tests

  1. autopkgtest-pkg-r (general test for all R packages)
  2. manually crafted test for a specific package

Any idea what to do (except overriding one of the lintian

Kind regards



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