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Re: Proposal: Repository for fast-paced package backports

On Mon, Dec 31, 2018 at 1:06 PM Ben Hutchings wrote:
> At the risk of bikeshedding, some alternate names that might be less
> confusing:
> - fresh-apps
> - evergreen
> - rolling-apps

At further risk of bikeshedding, how about "sideports"?

1. Uses a metaphor rather similar to backports.
2. Sorts lexicographically after bpo, although its not clear to me
which should take precedence.
3. The sideports.org domain name could be registered and used to
address the concern backports maintainers keep bringing up about
starting this outside of debian first.  Less arguing required, more


1. Sorts lexicographically after security updates, "debXuY"

Best wishes,

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