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Re: Handling of entropy during boot

On Jan 13, Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> wrote:

> I recently discovered that Vmware appears to have no virtual RNG
> available to the guest at all.
AFAIK you are right.

> A buster vmware guest will boot but will be unable to start sshd because
> of lack of entropy for typically five minutes or so.
> A lot of stuff breaks in that configuration.
> virtio-rng doesn't help at all.
> You can claim that Vmware is broken all you want, but a lot of people us
> it, and we really should produce an operating system that  you can ssh
> into when you boot a bunch of instances in a virtual environment.
Agreed. I think that d-i should install rngd (or haveged? And why?) if 
it detects a virtualized environment without virtio-rng.


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