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Back up again. Re: Bug#25778: autoconf: Please update config.{guess|sub} built ncftp 2 and 3 chroot image [comp.os.linux.announce] Debian ARM Project [comp.os.linux.announce] WANTED: Linux FAQ: How many platforms does Linux run on? debhelper opened Debian chroot image Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, jed-common DHCP building Discouraging report from the front emacs Giles seems to have crashed again glibc, libstdc++2.8 and the kernel Got my NetWinder Header files Header files (again) Header files in '/usr/lib/gcc-lib/arm-linux/2.8.1/include' I give up i intend to do further development on my machine Illegal Instruction Info about shipping? I've just uploaded e2fsprogs. libgcc.a Lintian errors look like ps don't work Memory leek... BIG TIME Re: new glibc patch (fwd) New packages NMU Number of Arm packages Package Listing Packages done Packages we are working on Perl perl pre egcs-1.1 testers needed procedure to upload deb's Re: proto-FAQ again psmisc_16-2_arm.changes REJECTED (fwd) psmisc_17-1_arm.changes REJECTED (fwd) python and header files on glib2.1 reboot please Rejected: psmisc_17-1_arm.deb: Old version `17-1' >= new version `17-1'. REJECTED: zlib and gmp RH free Netwinder... screen and apt installed in CHROOT Sources on CD ssh that won't work... Time Out traceroute Uploaded autoconf 2.12-9 (source all) to master Re: Uploaded rpm 2.5.1-2.1 (source arm) to mastermind What do these core dumps mean? When will they ship ? (Re: XFree86 source available!) Working on glibc and gcc w/who at giles X! XFree86 source available! X uploaded to master X works! The last update was on 12:57 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 179 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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