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Re: Header files

Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@tripnet.se> writes:

> The header files we got on the netwinder... Where do they come from?
> I am missing <sys/sem_buf.h> and <sys/sem.h> does not look like the one
> on my i386...

I wouldn't suggest comparing files with the ones on your i386, because
the NetWinder is using glibc 2.0.94 (pre-2.1) vs. glibc 2.0.7t
(post-2.0).  An awful lot of things have changed.

Most of these sorts of problems we are encountering are generic
glibc-2.1 problems that all the ports are going to have to deal with.
Some ports, like the ARM, are on the bleeding edge of this, because we
have to use glibc 2.1 first.

Eventually, the i386 port will move to glibc 2.1 as well.


 - Jim

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