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Re: DHCP building

[Sorry for sending this twice, I sent it to the wrong list address the
 first time]

Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@tripnet.se> writes:

> I've started to build the DHCP packages... The DHCPcd is done (this is
> my first on the ARM). Some info how to build/upload etc would be apreciated
> though.
> 1. Which compiler is used in the CHROOT?
>    (Doesn't seem to be gcc, it complains about main not returning int, and
>    I've never seen gcc do that lately).

gandalf:/# dpkg -l | grep gcc  
ii  gcc    The GNU C compiler.

It's gcc 2.8.1 with Corel's changes.

It's quite possible that the packaging that I did has introduced some
differences.  I discovered that I had to add a few things to the
/usr/lib/gcc-lib/arm-linux/2.8.1/specs file to customize the behaviour
of the compiler/linker.

Normally Debian uses 2.7.2 for gcc, and egcs for g++.  There is a
2.8.1 version of gcc in experimental.
> 2. Which files is needed for a upload?

Just do a "dpkg-buildpackage -rsudo -B" on the package.  If it works,
you can upload it to master.debian.org like you would normally do.
I've installed dupload on the machine.

If the compile fails, that might mean that you will have to make some
changes and do a non-maintainer upload (NMU).

If you can't whip the package into good enough shape to be ready for
upload to master (ie. dpkg won't build because it need nsgmls, which
hasn't been done yet) - then you can install the .debs and source
files manually into the /mnt/debs/dists/gandalf-local/ directories.

> 3. What do I do with the files prior/after a upload?

What I've been doing is moving them to /mnt/debs/uploaded/ - and then
deleting them once they get installed on master.

> 4. I didn't exist in the CHROOT's passwd file, and there are two other
>    guy's that don't exist there ether, but I only cared about my account.
>    Could it be automated that the /etc/passwd got copied to CHROOT/etc/passwd
>    when a user is added/removed etc?
>    Or is that up to us? :)

Everybody has root access, so they can just edit the file themselves.

> 5. Anything else I need to know about the machine, porting etc?

Most of the Debian stuff is working now, but there are probably some
problems that still need to be worked out.  If you find any problems,
just ask.


 - Jim

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