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Re: emacs

Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@tripnet.se> writes:

> Anyone working on emacs? I first thought I'd work on the X sources, but
> when trying to use sudo, I found that I wasn't in the sudoers file, so
> I tried to fire up emacs (first choise editor... :), not avail, then I
> thought, ahh, well... I'd use jed then, that's almost emacs... :) Nope!
> joe? nope! ae? nope... No editors?
> I'd work on emacs, if nobody is already working on that...

There's just vi right now.

I'd like to see emacs, just for debian-changelog mode.

One problem I can see with the emacs package is that the Debian
versions of it are build with X.  You could build it without X - but
then it should just be a package for local use only.


 - Jim

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