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that won't work...

You can't re-upload the same version number for a given architecture, or the
installer will reject it.  The easiest fix in this case is to whack the 
changelog, inserting a new entry with a non-maintainer version number, in this
case something like 1.5.4-4.1, with the changelog entry indicating that you're
doing a non-maintainer upload to correct an architecture-specific problem.  Do
not upload source, just the binaries... this will cause the installer to do the
right thing, doesn't screw up version numbering elsewhere, and requires no
manual intervention by the team that maintains the install process on master.


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Mapping frozen to unstable
Rejected: sudo_1.5.4-4_arm.deb: Old version `1.5.4-4' >= new version `1.5.4-4'.

If you don't understand why your files were rejected, or if the
override file requires editing, reply to this email.

Your rejected files are in Incoming/REJECT/.  (Some may also be in
Incoming/ if your .changes file was unparsable.)  If only some of the
files need to repaired, you may move any good files back to Incoming/.
Please remove any bad files from Incoming/REJECT/.

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