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Re: glibc, libstdc++2.8 and the kernel

In article <E0zBEhF-0000M4-00@spring.nexus.co.uk> you wrote:

: Actually, it is that simple.  You can try using the `rdev' utility to do it, 
: but fundamentally you just have to change one byte in the kernel.

Ok, insomniac that I am, I've now successfully booted the stock CCC kernel over
the net, mounting hda2 as the root filesystem, as usual.

I had forgotten about rdev.  Unfortunately, I don't see it on the Netwinder,
and the i386 version clearly isn't looking in the right place in an ARM kernel.

Anyone got time to build me an rdev while I (finally) go sleep a bit?  It
appears to be in the util-linux package...


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