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Re: i intend to do further development on my machine

Alain Toussaint <alaint@cgocable.ca> writes:

> > Almost all of the packages I had trouble with on the NetWinder needed
> > to be patched (because of things like config.guess), or they depended
> > on having the X packages installed (which we haven't done yet).  A
> > cross-compiler isn't going to help in either of these cases.
> does document on setting a cross-compilation environment exist,from
> reading your e-mail,i think setting such environment might be more
> difficult that i thinked ??

I didn't find any documentation - but theoretically it isn't too hard.
gcc and binutils are designed to be configured to act as

I took Corel's source code, and the packaging from the m68k cross
compiler packages (binutils-m68k-linux, gcc-m68k-linux, which are
included in Debian), and tried to work it out from there.

 - Jim

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