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Time Out


There is probably going to be a new release of Gnome soon, so that's
probably going to suck up all my time this week as I try to get the
Debian packages for it out in a timely manner.

Here are some things that need doing on the NetWinder:

1) Somebody should fix up glibc and ldso/ldconfig and get the packages
   uploaded to master.

2) I'll make an updated gcc package with the new 'specs' rules that
   should fix some bugs.  The gcc installed on gandalf seems to be working
   OK now.

3) Somebody should look at strace - Pat Beirne has source for strace with
   some patches applied on ftp.netwinder.org .

4) Somebody should get started on xfree86 as well.  The current Debian
   source doesn't seem to have any arm architecture stuff in it at all.
   We should get the source/patches from Corel.

Here's hoping I get the NetWinder I ordered this week.  :-)


 - Jim

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