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Re: traceroute giles.striker.ottawa.on.ca

> Is anyone more that me have this problem?
> It's just not workable... :)
> I'd started with gmp2/ssh/wget/tetex-bin, but it's just to slow, it takes about
> five minutes to type './configure --host=arm-linux'... :)

  Right now, I'm getting ~130ms ping time to, and about a 50%
packet loss.

  If I ping different machines listed in your traceroute, everything
is fine until mae-west3.fddi.mci.net (  After that, it gets
progressively worse.

  I don't seem to be having problems connecting to most places on the
net, so I'd have to assume that the problem is the Wave systems.

  For perspective, a friend has Rogers Wave, and is 3 kilometers (line
of sight) from me.  I'm seeing ~10% packet loss, and 1000ms round trip
time to him.  A traceroute to him shows it's identical to yours up to
the last 3 hops.

  Alan DeKok.

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