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Re: proto-FAQ again

On Tue, 4 Aug 1998, Pat Eyler wrote:

> okay, so Russel beat me to the punch (and I had an error or two in
> mine), here's a second cut.
> -pate


Maybe you could add information about the debian port to sec. 2 of your 
faq? Something along the lines of:

There is a port of the Debian Linux distribution in progress for the 
Netwinder. Check http://master.debian.org/~jim/netwinder.html for more 

And for the mailing list section: debian-arm@lists.debian.org. 
Subscriptions can be obtained from majordomo@lists.debian.org.

Glad to see a FAQ coming together--we must be getting ready for the 
bigtime. %^)


> 2.0  What web sites are out there?
>    The granddaddy of them all is
>        www.netwinder.org
>    which has an associated ftp site
>        ftp.netwinder.org
> 2.1  What mailing lists are out there?
>    A number of mailing lists are hosted by netwinder.org.  To quote
>    their web page:
> 	 General NetWinder Discussion Forum - (general) 
> 	 NetWinder Bugtraq Forum - (bugtraq) 
> 	 NetWinder Announcements Forum - (announce) 
> 	 NetWinder Feature Requests - (features) 
> 	 NetWinder Developers Forum - (devel) 
>       To subscribe to a list simply send mail to
>       majordomo@netwinder.org and put subscribe and the list name in
>       the body of your message. 
>       All of these lists are also available in digest form. To
>       subscribe to a digest just add -digest to the name of the list
>       in your subscribe request (for example: subscribe devel-digest).  

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