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Re: Sources on CD

Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@tripnet.se> writes:

> Is there any CD player on the netwinder?

No.  It's a network computer, so it does have a floppy, a CD, or

> If yes, can someone buy/burn a CD with all the sources, and mount
> somewhere so that we don't have to download everything we're going
> to port... Ok, so in the long run, that's not feasable since the
> sources have a way of getting old, but atleast we have a start with
> them... :)

Alan's NetWinder has a very fast connection to the Internet (ADSL I
believe).  So it's easy just to download the stuff when you need it.
I like to set up aliases to speed things up, ie.

$ alias ftphammmain="lftp debian.ssc.com/pub/debian/hamm/hamm/source"


 - Jim

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