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Package Listing


I've made a little script called "list-packages" that I have placed in
/usr/local/bin on the development machine (in the chroot, of course).

It does the following:

 1) ftp's the Packages files from dists/sid (main, contrib and non-free)
 2) does a listing of the *arm.deb files in Incoming
 3) does a find on the .deb files in /mnt/debs/dists/gandalf-local

And sorts the package names, so you get output that looks like this:

$ list-packages | less

9fonts sid/main
abuse-lib sid/main
abuse-sfx sid/non-free
adbbs sid/main
addressbook sid/main
adduser sid/main
ae_962-21_arm.deb incoming
alien sid/main

It takes less than 10 seconds to compile the list.

So check this script before you work on a package just to see if it
has been done already.

Also check the mailing list to see if anybody has claimed a package,
and is working on it.

Normally, you shouldn't have to announce that you are going to port a
package before you do it - unless it is going to take a substantial
amount of time.


 - Jim

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