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Re: RH free Netwinder...

Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> wrote:

> In article <19980821152129.I748@cogs.susx.ac.uk> you wrote:
> : last time I asked it wasn't possible to have a RH-free netwinder and debian
> : was only being used in a chrooted environment. I was wondering what's missing
> : and if there is a road map to get it done. 
> Does anyone know how to interrupt the boot process to pick a different root
> partition and/or kernel?  I haven't found any docs on the NeTTrom thingy yet.
> I'd be happy to repartition my disk to set aside a Debian test root partition
> and start loading it with the right stuff... I'd like nothing better than to
> get to a Debian-only software load, even if it's pretty minimal at first, as
> long as it has enough pieces to be able to bootstrap the rest.  

May I ask why you need a chroot environment? Everything seems to work ok,
with the packages we have...

The acctuall installation might be a little problematic, but it _IS_ a NC,
so it shouldn't be any troubble booting it over the net...

If I ever get one my self, I sure as hell ain't going to use RH... :)

I've ported most of base and a large part of admin and net, and I haven't had
_THAT_ much of a problem... It was a little problematic in the beginning, but
now when I know how to work the different helper scipts and know a little more
about the differences between glibc2.0 and glibc2.1, it's a lot simpler... :)

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