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Re: glibc, libstdc++2.8 and the kernel

Bdale Garbee wrote:
> If
> your supposition is true, I suspect my question is going to sound naive, and
> the answer will essentially be that I either need to craft the Debian test
> boot partition as an NFS root filesystem, or wait for the promised major
> revision of the firmware that supports multiple boot targets.

OR, if you're a hardware-hacking type and don't mind opening up that
pretty lil' case:

IF the netwinder supports a second drive (isn't it standard IDE?):
=> pick up another IDE drive (they are cheaper than dirt hereabouts; I
know, I've
	bought both dirt and drives fairly recently)
=> get a two-drive cable of decent length (I bet the supplied cable is
=> dope out the master/slave jumpers on the two drives
=> rig a switch that will swap the master/slave relationship (danger!
danger! use 
	only with machine off!)
=> install a debian setup in the new drive
=> do whatever other herculean feats needed to get the new drive to boot
	in the master position

Sorry I don't have one to do all this to myself, or I would. Any machine
I get gets booted once to verify it worked once, then disassembled. So I
might be making some bad assumptions, e.g.
=> that you don't have to manually set the drives whenever the config
changes (most
	modern bioses autoscan IDEs like SCSI
=> that the kernel doesn't have to be in some weird position on the
drive to boot

But, worth a try.

Hmmm... does this void your warranty? (ack ptui!)


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