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Got my NetWinder


I finally got my NetWinder.

A good thing too - I was just about to phone Corel and cancel my
order.  I was getting quite frustrated with the slow delivery of my
order, and the proprietary stuff in the flash still irks me.

The fan is noisy.  I did "set_therm 55" - but the fan still isn't
quiet enough at the low speed.  I eventually settled on putting the
box under my desk, and the noise doesn't bother me down there.  When
the box isn't at ear level, the noise level is comparable to my
pentium box with 3 hard drives.  Unfortunately, under the desk, I
can't show the box off - and the volume slider and IrDA port are out
of reach.  Oh well, I knew the fan was going to be noisy when I
ordered it.

The networking works - and I backed up the disk image using NFS.  When
I get some time, I'll set up my own Debian chroot environment on it.

As I said, I'm still cheesed off about the proprietary NeTTROM stuff.
I'm going to work on a proposal for Corel to resolve the situation,
once I understand it more completely.  I didn't order this box
expecting to get proprietary hardware or software.


 - Jim

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