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Re: w/who at giles

Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@tripnet.se> writes:

> Is this because we are using Corels libc?
> ----- s n i p -----
> [turbo@gandalf turbo]$ who
> [turbo@gandalf turbo]$ w
> bad data in /var/run/utmp[turbo@gandalf turbo]$
> [turbo@gandalf turbo]$
> ----- s n i p -----

It doesn't appear that you are operating inside the chroot'd area.
Try this:

gandalf:~$ su root
gandalf:/home/jim# cd /mnt/debian-new-chroot/
gandalf:/mnt/debian-new-chroot# chroot .
gandalf:/# . ~/.bashrc
gandalf:/# w
usage: w -hlsufV [user]
    -h    skip header
    -l    long listing (default)
    -s    short listing
    -u    ignore uid of processes
    -f    toggle FROM field (default on)
    -V    display version
gandalf:/# who

BTW, who isn't going to work, because when people come into the chroot
area using the chroot command, /var/run/utmp does not get updated.


 - Jim

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