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Re: i intend to do further development on my machine

Alain Toussaint <alaint@cgocable.ca> writes:

> the solution i think would be best for me is to setup a
> cross compiling gcc and do further development on my machine,the reason i
> like it better is because of all the program i wanted to compile on my
> machine,i have a success rate of about 90%,but on the NetWinder,it's about
> 15% as of now,another thing is that i'll be more comfortable working on my
> machine,what do you all think of that ???

I was working on some cross-compiler tools as well, a week or two ago.

I actually build a cross-binutils package from the Corel source - it
built OK after I commented out the gdb stuff, but some libraries were
installed into the wrong places with the wrong names, so it's not
useable yet.

My top priority right now is to work on the xfree86 package, so it may
be some time before I get back to working on the cross compiler stuff.

If you want to work on it, be my guest.  I could even give you the
stuff I've done on binutils so far.

Almost all of the packages I had trouble with on the NetWinder needed
to be patched (because of things like config.guess), or they depended
on having the X packages installed (which we haven't done yet).  A
cross-compiler isn't going to help in either of these cases.

I'd like to get an a.out cross compiler done as well, so I can do some
kernel hacking.


 - Jim

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