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Re: I give up

> Just a short note to let you guys know I decided that netwinder is
> not a good computer for me.  Apparently, I misjudged the degree of
> openness of the netwinder itself and the community around it.

  Could you describe what you were expecting, and how the netwinder
doesn't fulfill that?

  Specifically, I'm wondering about what level of openness you
expected from the NW, and also from the community.

  The machine itself is open, with the exception of NDA's for specific
chipsets.  Even these NDAs can be bypassed by looking at kernel driver
source (GPL'd, and available), or by disassembling the small

  I've tried to make my machines as open as possible, by giving the
Debian people user accounts long before any OCLUG people had a NW.
I've shared everything I know about the NW, except for confidential
Corel information.  (Future plans, hiring goals, etc.)

  I know your leaving isn't because of my efforts, but I'm curious as
to what more you wanted out of the NW, that a only a PC can give you.

  Alan DeKok.

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