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Re: XFree86 source available!

On %M 0, Jim Pick wrote
> Hi,
> Andrew Mileski was kind enough to put the source for the XFree86 stuff
> into the cvs on ftp.netwinder.org.  To grab it from the cvs, use:

fantastic! Now we are really getting close to fully self-contained
distribution (no dependencies on no-source pacakges).

> $ export CVSROOT=':pserver:jpick@www.netwinder.org:/cvsroot'
>                            ^^^^^
>                           use your login here
> $ cvs login
> (enter your password)
> $ cvs co pub/xfree
> I did that, and wrapped it up into a tarball which I uploaded to:
> /mnt/debs/dists/gandalf-local/main/source/x11/xfree86-corel_3.3.2.0.cvs.980804.orig.tar.gz
> So if anybody wants to take a crack at doing the xfree86 package -
> there it is.  I'm going to be much to busy this week to try to make it
> go.

Just a warning: based on what I heard from Overfiend (Branden) X build takes
around 800MB of disk space in all.  I'll wait for my netwinder to arrive
before I bite.  I am still the first on the list, according to 877-ATCOREL
person just as I was a week ago ;-).

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